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Cabarete Surfer



If you have bothered to even click on this “About Me” link, then I want to start by saying thank you. Now I do feel obligated to tell you well a little something about me…

I came to Cabarete, Dominican Republic in 2007 looking for waves that had no one (ok not too many) surfing on them. Growing up in Florida Latin America is kinda like your backyard and if you have ever surfed in Florida you know, that well, it’s sucks 99% of the time. I had done a bit of surf exploring in the Caribbean. I found reefs that at least to my knowledge, myself and group of buddies were the only surfers to ever ride there.

All these surf safaris I did notice one thing that was very consistent in all the spots; When the surf went flat there was nothing to do! So here I am in the Dominican Republic. A really big island as far as islands in the Caribbean go. There is the highest mountain in the Caribbean, hundreds of caves and waterfalls, near 1000 miles of coastline to explore, friendly laid back locals, decent beer, good food, and I fell in love.

I went home sold all my earthly belongings and decided that Cabarete is my home. I surf everyday.  When I am not surfing I rappel down waterfalls, jump of high cliffs, climb through caves, go to Dominican Baseball games, explore the mountains, rock climb, spear fish, white water kayak, explore the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo.  I truly love it here!

Besides operating Surf Cabarete, I work as an adventure guide for Kayak River Adventures, look us up on google and trip advisor. We’re legit!  I also do guided tours across the Dominican Republic for students from the USA. I know the history, the culture, the language (for the most part), the food, the dance (I still dance like a white guy), the music.  I know the Dominican Republic.  I am a fortunate man that has discovered his heaven on earth.

Now that you have made this far and you want a truly unique experience showing you and your group personally all the amazing secret surf spots and incredible non-surfing things to do, that is custom to whatever I think is the best of the best, go to the contact form in the subject line or body write “about me” and will put together the best trip imaginable. I know that not many will do it, but for those that do you will not regret the money spent on an epic vacation!

Thanks for your time.

Matt “Cabarete Surfer”