Surfing in Cabarete Dominican Republic

Surfing is the oldest and most pure of all ocean sports. It captures the interest and love of all who experience it. One board, one wave and one love make for a hugely addictive lifestyle.  Surfing in the Dominican Republic has a friendly, fun vibe. The island is a tourist-friendly, fairly inexpensive,  and an action sports paradise.

Surfing in the Dominican Republic

“Surfing is the ultimate spontaneous involvement in a natural medium”~Dale Webster


Cabarete is on the North coast, in the Puerto Plata region boasting consistent year round swell. It is a hidden gem in the Caribbean, appealing to extreme sports enthusiasts from all over the world.  If by the off chance the waves go flat, there are plenty of other great activities from kite surfing, trapeze, fitness, yoga, eco-adventure tours, and incredible night life!

The swell on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic comes from the Atlantic Ocean. Playa Encuentro, the main surf break, goes off 320 days a year. Mellow Easterly 3-6 ft faces in the summer, and bigger 6-12 ft faces from the North in winter, allowing you to surf year round. November and beginning of December are rainy, but the water is still warm and the waves are at their best.. besides, no crowds!

Playa Encuentro Cabarete Dominican Republic

Playa Encuentro is also a great place to learn how to surf.  The inside breaks are forgiving and allow the beginner to dial in their pop ups, learn to read the waves, and build their confidence quickly before trying some of the more advanced outer breaks.  Check our information page about surf lessons if this where you want to learn to surf.  Believe me it will change your life!

There are plenty of other breaks around the North Coast depending on swell direction and time of year.  Surf Cabarete would be happy to create a surfing holiday for you that you’ll never forget.  We offer a variety of Surf Packages that include accommodation, surfing, and a variety of other activities that make for an unforgettable time in and out of the water.  

Surf Cabarete specializes in surf vacation packages for beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfers.  These packages include accommodation, surf classes, and a variety of other activities.  Contact Us for more details!