land surf lessons in Cabarete


How long are the daily lessons at Surf Cabarete?

Your day starts with a pick up at your respective hotel, usually when the sun rises as that is when the water is calmest and the waves are best.   Once you arrive at the Surf Cabarete base in Encuentro beach, we start with approximately 30 min of theory.  Before you surf, stop and watch the waves breaking, note where they break, how they break and where to paddle out.  Then we have a quick 10 min warm up, to stretch your body and prepare your muscles.  Then it’s on – typically  two hours with the instructor in the water.  Come in for a break,  recharge, and head back out for supervised practice time.  The more your surf, the faster you learn!

Is there food available on site?

Encuentro has a few minimalist cafe’s, but not much.  Best to bring energy bars, nuts and be properly fuelled before you arrive.

Are the instructors qualified?

Our instructors have taken first aid courses , and have years of experience at creating new surfers.

What are the hours of  operation for the surf school?

The surf school is open from 8:00 am till 4:00 pm .  The conditions are best in the morning. Advanced surfers are welcome to take the surfboard over night.

What is the best times of year for waves for beginners? time of the day?

We are fortunate to have year round conditions that are perfect for beginners.  Encuentro has various breaks and offers multiple options.   For big waves seekers, they  come during the hurricane season with big eastern swells – from September -to January, but can also come any time of the year with a big storm at sea.  December until  May has lots of ground swell coming from the North with beautiful crystal water.   Summer time waves are smaller,  but still consistent and still perfect conditions for beginners.

How warm is the water?

Summer is hot, winter is warm. Lycra or 1mm top recommended in the summer, in the winter on a rainy day you could opt for a wetsuit top.

Are there any age requirements? anything else of interest they should know before the lessons? what to bring for example?

We teach people from 5 years until 70 years depending on the shape of client.  You have to be comfortable in the water and know how to swim.  We cannot accept pregnant women.

What should I bring to the lessons?

Bring a good sun skin protector, hat, sun glasses, of course camera so you can show your friends!   Go Pro- mounts available.