Learn to Surf

Learning to surf is life changing.  The feeling you get when you pop up on your surfboard and glide across the face of wave, there is nothing in the world like it.  If you want to learn to surf in a proven method that is fun and will get you up riding quickly, then you are in the right place.  Learn to Surf Vacation Packages from Surf Cabarete

Learn to Surf with Surf Cabarete

Learn to Surf

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” ― Jon Kabat-Zinn

Surf Cabarete Surfing Lessons

Surf Cabarete is teamed up with the best surf school in Cabarete Pauhana Surf Academy.  Their methods are proven and they have the reputation as the best surf school in Cabarete.  This is why we choose them for our surf guests.  If you want to learn to surf the right way then Surf Cabarete and Pauhana is  the best choice.

Playa Encuentro The Best Place to Learn to Surf

Playa Encuentro (The Meeting Beach) is one of the best places to learn to surf in the world.  These are just not words trying to sell you on what we have to offer.  There are six amazing breaks here that break over both flat reef and sand.  The inside section is the perfect place to start your journey to learn to surf.  Coming out of the white water to the middle section is where you will catch your first blue water wave.  This when you catch that feeling of gliding across the face of the wave.  It only last a few seconds, but in your head it will be a memory that will last forever. Some beginners stay in this area for months or even years.  Not you though, proper instruction will get you to the covenant outside break.  It is called the line up.  It is where you will catch bigger set waves and have time to chill in between waves.  Learning to surf with Surf Cabarete will make you a surfer.

Why Come to the Dominican Republic and just learn to surf?

Our learn to surf vacation packages are designed to maximize your time both in and out of the surf.  Wether you want to learn to kite surf as well as surf then try our “Waterman’s Package.”  Maybe learning to fly the trapeze is what you fancy, then our “Surf n’ Fly Package” is your vacation!  We have put together all the best of what Cabarete has to offer.  We take care of all the details so all you have to do is surf, relax, and have fun.  Visit our Surf Packages page to check out all the amazing surf  vacation packages and see which one is right for you.  Please contact us for more details!