Surf Packages

Surf Packages from Surf Cabarete are designed to make your vacation easy and maximize your time both in and out of the surf.  All of our surf packages include surf lessons either beginner or advanced, accommodation, and can include numerous other activities such as personal training and group fitness classes, yoga, trapeze and circus training, kite surfing lessons, or eco-adventure excursions.

Surf Cabarete Surf Packages

Surf Packages

Surf Cabarete Beginner and Advanced Surf Lessons

Each day of your surf package will include a surf lesson, either beginner, intermediate, or advanced.  The trade wind that Cabarete is famous for usually picks up around 11:30am.  So, this means that your surf lesson will be in the morning usually starting at 8am.  The early surfer gets the waves!

After your surf lesson, time to head back to your hotel, condo, or apartment, eat, relax and get ready for what other activities you have chosen to do.

Basic Surf Package “Surf n’ Sleep”

This surf Package is for the budget minded or the “dude I’m just here to surf” traveller.  It includes your surf lessons with instructor, board rental, rash guard, wax, and transportation to and from Playa Encuentro.

Surf Package with a room at eXtreme Hotel Cabarete

  • 1 week $599 single or $549 per person double occupancy

Surf Package with a room at Agualina Hotel

  • $949 single per week or $799 per person double occupancy

Want to stay more than week?  Receive a discount per person! CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION

We also have other accommodation options with surf lessons for families and those looking for a condo or villa in Cabarete.

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