Kitesurfing surf

kitesurfing surf

Kitesurfing and surfing are wonderful complements.  They are both waterman (or waterwoman) skills that can be combined in a one week or multiple a week (or longer)  vacation that aims to give you the necessary skills to practice both of them on your own.  Kitesurfing Surf Vacation Package from Surf Cabarete.   

In this package your typical day will start with an early morning surf lesson at Cabarete’s Playa Encuentro.  One of the best places in the world to learn to surf.  After a wonderful 2-3 hours surf experience it is back to your chosen accommodation for rest and relaxation, before your early afternoon kite lesson with Kite Beach Cabarete’s Kite Lounge.

During both your time in the surf and your time on the wind your will be with trained and certified instructors that will guide you to using the best and safest practices.  Both kitesurfing and surf take time to master, but the whole time is enjoyable as you gain the knowledge to practice both kitesurfing and surfing on your own.

Kite lounge Cabarete has divided learning to kitesurf into 3 steps.

Kitesurfing  foundations (5h)rigging, flying, safety and the power zone

This is your official introduction to kitesurfing. Your day starts with a training kite and you will learn all about the wind window. When you feel that you have a good grasp on the wind window, you will move up to a 4 line kite and get into the water.  This is where your instructor carefully explains launching and landing, rigging and all the component of a kitesurfing kite.  Here you will also be taught  about hand signals, right of way and how to use the quick release safety functions.  To reenforce what you have learned you will have supervised time with a training kite for the rest of the day.

Time to get wet!  (5h): Water re-launching, body dragging, and self rescue IKO level 1

This is great day and if you just listen to your instructor and go with the flow you will begin body dragging down wind (kiteboarding without a board). This day you will finish by being able to go upwind. The skills learned this day go with IKO level 1 and with a little practice you will have that certification.  You are on your way to becoming a kitesurfer!

Ride the Wind!  (5h): Water starts on the board IKO level 2

By this day you should be setting up your own kite equipment and that kiteboard is looking ready for you to be on it!  Your kite instructor walks you through the water start. Words can’t describe the euphoria when you take your first ride.  This day is full of getting up and riding on the board and how to recover safely when you fall.  This day is full of smiles as by the end of it your are surfing the wind on your kite, board under your feet.  Here is where you will find what is all about!

Learn to surf and learn to kitesurf in one amazing week!

KiteSurfing Surf Package with a room at eXtreme Hotel Cabarete

  • 1 week $999 single or $949 per person double occupancy

KiteSurfing Surf Package with a room at Agualina Hotel

  • $1349 single per week or $1199 per person double occupancy

Want to stay more than week?  Receive a discount per person! CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION

We also have other accommodation options with surf lessons for families and those looking for a condo or villa in Cabarete.  Surf Cabarete has the best Surf Packages that you will find anywhere!