Surfing Yoga Vacations

Surfing Yoga Vacations (The Surf n’ Stretch)

surfing yoga

Surfing  yoga go together like peanut butter and jelly, sunsets and happy hours, and you and your next vacation with surf Cabarete!  The numerous benefits that yoga has for your surfing will greatly improve your surfing performance.  Many top pros, old school surf masters, and even that dude that rips at your local break know the benefits surfing and yoga have, on your mind, body, strength, and soul.

Yoga has the ability to clear and focus your mind, relax your body, find your balance, and stretch out your muscles.  All these are keys to becoming a better surfer.  Yoga will clam you down when you are stressed and help strengthen your focus.  These are things that you want to be doing while you are surfing.

Breathing is the first thing we do when we come into this world.  It has huge benefits to our overall health.  It may sound crazy, but many of us forget how to breathe.  We take short, shallow breaths from our mouth.  When this happens we are not getting oxygen that our body needs to preform at our highest level.

Surfing  Yoga Vacations

Surfing yoga vacations with Surf Cabarete will leave you in a state of balance that with practice can be part of your life back at home.  Our Yogis at Surf Cabarete are surfers as well. Your typical day will start off with an early morning surf session at Playa Encuentro (Meeting Beach) or your first Yoga class of the day.  This is all up to the time of year you plan your surfing  yoga vacation. The rises much latter in the winter months and very early in the summer months.  There is also availability for afternoon yoga sessions and for surf lessons.

Surfing and Yoga Package with a room at eXtreme Hotel Cabarete

  • 1 week $699 single or $599 per person double

Surfing Yoga Package with a room at Kite Beach Hotel

  • 1 week $899 per week

Surfing Yoga Package with a room at Agualina Hotel

  • $999 per week

Contact us for more details and to book your Surfing Yoga Vacation.

We also have other accommodation options with surf lessons for families and those looking for a condo or villa in Cabarete.  Private yoga sessions are also available for an extra charge as well as adding other options from other Surfing Packages. For more information about the benefits of surfing yoga checkout this article in Surfer Magazine written by legendary surfer and life time yogi Gerry Lopez