Surf spots in Cabarete

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Surf spots in Cabarete

Surf Spots in Cabarete

There are many surf spots in Cabarete, Dominican Republic and the surrounding area of the North Coast.  The best quote I have heard about surfing in the Dominican Republic is that if you have a car, then you can have a wave to yourself.  I will say that this is a surfer’s paradise.  There are consistent waves in the chest to head high size and quite often it is big and thumping.

There area from Puerto Plata east to Playa Grande has 16 identified surfing spots, varying from regional classic to standard wave quality. The biggest waves come in March, when the region can get waves up to 14-feet high.

Puerta Plata Surf

A Big March Swell in Puerta Plata

Cabarete’s wave menu appeals to every surfer with point breaks, beach breaks, reef coral, sand bars, rocky reef and even a few river mouth breaks.

Besides Encuentro, the north coast is offering more spots with special conditions like Sosua Bay for big north swells or Playa Grande and Playa Preciosa with nice beach breaks. These make for great day trips from Cabarete.

Encuentro is one of the best surf spots of the Caribbean offing a variety of breaks for all levels of surfing. A reef break offering something for all levels in a fun social environment. For novices it has good white water waves, for beginners it has small (2-3 ft) waves, and for everyone else if offer a faster peaks and the occasional tube. Located about half way between Cabarete and Sosua, on a public beach in a protected area. Any moto taxi can get you there from Cabarete for RD$100

The breaks at Encuentro:

Encuentro:  The beach is isolated. It curves like a snake where the reef rises and the waves begin to form. Depth varing from 10 ft to 3ft at low tide . Really good rights and occasional good lefts. The current is strong and it can be tough to get out. Watch the locals paddle out to see where the channel is.

The Right: The most popular surf spot in the Dominican Republic.  It is located directly in front of the surf schools.  Really nice when the wind is down in the early morning.

The Left: at Encuentro only really works in a good northerly swell, but is only suggested for intermediates to experts. When it does it’s one of the best spots on the North coast with some small barrels. It can get crowded so go early before the trade winds start.

Destroyer: It’s next to the left of encuentro: It’s fast shallow and not very long, but a lot less crowded than Encunetro. WORLD CLASS when on. Best in wintertime. Not for the faint hearted nor the novice, this break will not forgive you if you make a mistake….. Hence the name!

Coco Pipe: A good left and right reef break, only really start breaking when the swell is bigger than 6′ . Encuentro will start to close out but this one can handle up to 12′. It takes a lot of duck diving to get out there. Considered a world class reef break.

Other breaks in and around Cabarete:

El Canal: This is one of the best waves in near to Encuentro.  Use the channel to get in and out. Perfect when the wind is from the west and excellent long rights and fast lefts with a NORTH swell.  Beware, as this wave will pound you into the reef if you do not make the drop!

Kite Beach: There are 5 breaks in Kite Beach that break in different swells and depending on what type of board you ride.  When it’s big and thumping the place to be is front of eXtreme Hotel.

surf spots in cabarete

Kite Beach Surf Map

Map courteous of Kite Method

Police Station: Right out front of the police station on the east side of town.  Beach break, mushy.

Paraiso del Sol: Another beach break, forms better than the police station

Cabarete bay: short steep rides on a beach break.  Lots of attention while you surf, but brutal when you get hammered into the beach.

La Boca: Steep peaks at the river mouth.  Beware of stuff coming out of the river.

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la boca cabarete

La Boca Covered Up!

photo courteous of Daniel Stockdale.