Surfing Destinations for Beginners

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Surfing Destinations for Beginners

Some surfing destinations for beginners are better than others.  Surfing is a sport that many have dreamed to learn how to do.  It is unfortunately a destination specific skill.  By this I mean that you need to live somewhere there is a wave to ride.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn on your vacation time.

Hawaii has some the best waves I have ridden in my life. Hawaii is surfing’s Mecca.  I went to Hawaii after many years of surfing and I felt like a beginner.  Cabarete Dominican Republic    is where I call home after searching the global for surf and the lifestyle that surrounds it.  Cabarete is one of the best surfing destinations for beginners and advanced surfers that I have ever found.  If you want to learn to surf and progress quickly this is best place for you.  If you have started your journey of surfing and want to get better, then you will fall in love with Cabarete that is what happened to me nearly a decade ago.   

Surfing has a slow learning curve, but that doesn’t mean learning to surf is not fun.  I have surfed more than half my life (the other half I wasted!)  I have coached and taught many surfers along this journey.

I enjoyed the whole ride.  Playa Encuentro in Cabarete is destination you dreamed of to learn to surf.  Is a flat reef break that is shallow and gentle on the inside sections and has bigger set waves out back in the line up.  This is great place to progress quickly has you learn how to read waves, dial in your pop-up, and build you surfing muscles.

surfing destinations for beginners

What is also great about Cabarete as surfing destinations for beginners go is that there are tons of other activities in and around Cabarete to do when you aren’t surfing.


When I came to Cabarete I knew that I was home.  I  have a passion to surf and to help others learn to love surfing as I have.  Everything great in my life I can attribute to surfing.  Surf Cabarete is my way passing it on.  I have put together surf packages that include surf lessons, accommodationand variety of other activities that have been carefully selected as the best that Cabarete has to offer.  

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