Cabarete Surf Report

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Cabarete Surf Report

 Cabarete Surf Report

The first thing I do in the morning (well not the frist thing, but TMI) is check the Surf Reports online.  My favorite part of surfing is that our ultimate pursuit, the wave is ever changing.  Waves change all the time, from season to season, day to day, hour to hour, even each set that comes in is different.  With Surf Reports is much easier that it used to be to see how these changes will effect your local break.  We’ve included local Cabarete surf report on the bottom of this page, as well as a tutorial of how to read an online surf report.

How to Read Online Surf Reports

Surf Reports/Forecasts are not an exact science. They use a a whole bunch a geeky tools at their disposal to make an educated guess of what the surf will be.  A surf report can be broken down into four basic elements.  These are swell height, direction, the period, local tides, & local winds.  There is a fifth element thrown into the mix which is the type of break these swells will break on.  Beach breaks, reef breaks, and point breaks are your 3 types of breaks, but those can’t be computed, you have to find that info out yourself.  Lets take a look at the example below:

Surf Reports

Swell Height

The first column you will see after the date and stars is Swell Height.  Let’s fist check the wave height. This information is take from weather stations and offshore wave buoys. So in our example here on Wednesday 9/7 the height (ht) will be 4 feet. This number is take from the average height of the swell that pass the wave buoy.  BUT just because it says “4ft” it does not mean that waves with 4 foot faces will be breaking that day, the other factors need to be inline. Wave direction, period, & local winds need to be factored in as well.

Swell Period

Next to the swell height is the swell period. This is the average time between each wave as it passes the offshore buoy. The higher the period the cleaner, stronger, & bigger the wave will.  In our example here on 9/7 it will be 11 seconds. Not a bad day, but nothing epic. It is was 4 feet at 6 seconds, I would hit the snooze button, because it would be pretty choppy and unclean, but if it was 4 at 17 seconds I would call in sick to work & grab my big wave gun!  Swell height is where everyone looks, but swell period is your money shot!

Swell Direction

Swell Direction tells you which break is going to work. Encuentro has 6 breaks.  The main break La Drecha (The Right) is a great wave on an east swell, but it closes out a lot when the swell turns north. On Wed. 9/7 the swell will be coming quite north. Which means that some of the other breaks at Encuentro will be working. Coco Pipe, La Izquierda (The Left), and Destroyer will be firing on northerly swells.  It looks like from our example the swell turns back east which means that these breaks will not working so well.

Wind Direction

The last column is local winds.  Cabarete being a wind Mecca, wind is always a factor here.  Never is it fully offshore, the favorable wind.  Most mornings are glassy, meaning there is no wind.  During the late summer and fall there are many days with little wind at all.  On our Example 9/7 the wind is side onshore at 10mph.  Which means that it won’t pick up until late morning/ early afternoon.  Looks like a good day to go for a surf!

Local Tides

The tides can play a huge role is some surf spots.  This is not the case in Encuentro.  There is not a huge tidal difference.  It works slightly better in mid-tides, but rarely is it completely flat.

Surf Reports are not the best way to find out how the surf is.  The best way is to wake up early, make a togo cup of Dominican coffee, head down to the beach, and check the waves yourself.  Encuentro has great scene early in the morning.  Even if there is no surf.  Locals are friendly and who knows you might find out about some of the other great surf spots around Cabarete that can only be found through local knowledge.  Surf Cabarete is not only about the physical art of surfing, but Cabarete Surf lifestyle.

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Cabarete Surf Report

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