How to Pop up on a Surfboard

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How to Pop up on a Surfboard


How to Pop Up

Timing+Position+Direction+Speed= Pop up

Learning how to pop up on a surfboard is not easy.  First, it takes a few tries to even get out to the waves.  Don’t worry, this is normal.  The water even though it seems to be moving evenly, but it’s very unpredictable.  Try to think of it like this, get into the water’s mindset.  Feel the water, your body 65% water after all.  The ocean has a rhythm.  You will feel it.  Clear your mind and realize that you aren’t surfing against the waves, but with the waves.  Once you’ve found this learning how to pop up, will be journey that is part challenging, part enlightening.

Learning how pop up on a surfboard is very much like doing an explosive type of pushup. This is what happens when you get to your feet while on a surfboard. It takes a lot of practice, and while most people end up altering the exact movements slightly to fit their own preferences, the basic steps to popping up on a surfboard are always the same. Here they are:

  • Step One: Place your hands flat on the board, positioning them at the bottom of your ribcage.
  • Step Two: Push your chest off the board. Your pelvis and upper thighs should remain in contact with the surfboard.
  • Step Three: Bring your front foot forward under your body so that it is about where your hands are already positioned.
  • Step Four: Let your back foot follow naturally. Just make sure your feet are parallel to your surfboard’s middel stringer.
surfing pop up

Perfect Pop Up

That’s it! You can begin by practicing this on the beach or at home before implementing it in the water to get your body used to the movements themselves. Remember that all of the movements of the pop up should flow smoothly, one into the next. Also try to remember that you should not end up on your knees. It does happen sometimes, so don’t beat yourself up if it happens once or twice, but certainly do not make this a habit. That’s all there is to learning how to pop up on a surfboard. Keep practicing, and good luck!

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