How to Duck Dive

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How to Duck Dive

 So you Want to Learn How to Duck Dive Young Grasshopper?

A duck dive on a surfboard can be difficult for new surfers. The hardest thing is learning how to time yourself just right, because if you don’t, then everything gets messed up. The movements of a duck dive should be smooth, with the motions flow one into the other seamlessly.  Follow these steps below, and you will be well on your way to duck diving like a pro. Just remember that practice makes perfect.

Steps to a Duck Dive

  1. When you see a wave approaching, paddle hard at the wave to build up your speed.
  2. When the wave is just a few feet away, grip the rails at your chest and push down on the front of the board, getting the board as deep as you can.
  3. Once your board is as deep as it will go, submerge your body after it.
  4. When you begin to follow your board beneath the wave (about the time that the wave itself is just about to pass over you), push down on the tail of the board with your knee or foot to get the board fully underwater.
  5. Pull yourself toward the board to get your body underwater. Don’t pull so hard that you cause the board to surface too quickly.
  6. Your legs should bend up behind you like a scorpion, and the last thing that should be seen above the water is your foot.
  7. When the wave is passing over you, pull the nose of your board up and allow yourself to float up towards the surface. If you’ve gone particularly deep, you can use a frog kick to help propel you back up towards the surface.

Remember that patience is a virtue, and practice is key. Don’t be discouraged if it takes you a while to perfect your duck dive. Only experience will allow you to have that ‘sixth sense’ that allows you to know the perfect moment for beginning your duck dive. Besides knowing what to do, there are only two major things you need to keep in mind. The first is that you should always grip your board as hard as possible. If not, turbulence in the water can cause the board to be ripped out of your grasp. The second thing is that the deeper the duck dive, the better. Keep these things in mind and follow the steps above, and you will be just fine. Good luck on perfecting the art of the duck dive.

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how to duck dive

The Perfect Duck Dive