Surfing Exercises

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Surfing Exercises

Surfing Exercises

There are specific surfing exercises surfers can do in order to make themselves more agile, stronger, and better able to surf to their fullest. Surfing is a sport just like any other, and it requires it’s participants to stay fit. Before performing any exercises, however, a surfer must always warm up. Warming up helps to reduce injury to your muscles. Below are a thorough warm up routine and a number of surfing exercises you can do to help your surfing performance.

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Only the Strong Will Inherit The Surf


Surf Exercises-Warm Up Routine

  •  Start by doing a single leg balance reach. Keep one foot flat on the ground, lift the other leg, and raise your hands up high over your head. Slowly reach to the side of the flat foot, and re-center yourself. Hold for a few seconds,and then switch feet, reaching to the other side. Repeat this until you have done this move five times to either side.
  •  Move into a reverse lung twist. Take a large step backward with one of your legs, and then rotate your arms over the leg in front of you. Hold for a moment, rise, and repeat on the other side. Do this move five times on each side.
  • Finish your warm up routine with some side to side lunges. Stand up straight, and then take a big step to the side, leaning down towards the leg you are stepping with. Shift your weight to the leg you have bent to stretch out your legs. Rise, and repeat in the opposite direction. Do this warm up five times on either side.



Surfing Exercises & Routines

 Normal, every day workouts are not going to benefit your surfing in any way, since surfing requires you to move in a three dimensional space, not stand still. You need to be strong, but you also need to be agile, flexible. You need to do a wide variety of differing types of surfing exercises in order to meet the demands of surfing.

 Here are a few examples of good strength training exercises:

Kettle bell Swings

Back Squats

Front Squats

Dead Lifts

Single Leg Dead Lifts


Plyometric Hops

Single Arm cable Pushes and Pulls

Overhead Presses

Single Arm Overhead Presses

Medicine Ball Chops


Cable Chops

Push Ups

Pull Ups

The next part of your training should be focused on bettering your balance, since balance is one of the most important things a surfer must possess. Here are some examples of balance drills you can do:


Balancing on a pillow with your eyes closed

Upper Body Rotations

Upper Body Medicine Ball Tosses

Single Leg Cable  Push or Pulls

Any exercises done on top of a  balance or Indo board.

The next part of your surfing exercises should involve single leg exercises. These include:

Bulgarian Split Squats


Single Leg Dead Lifts

Ice Skater Squats

Single Leg Box Squats

Strengthening exercises for your core should be the next portion of you surfing exercises. A strong core is of the utmost important if you want to stay pain-free during surfing, as well as be able to surf with both speed and power. Here are a few examples of surfing exercises you could use to strengthen the entirety of your core- and that means much more than just your abs:

Supine Lateral Ball Rolls

Stability Ball Jack Knife

Medicine Ball Chops

Cable Chops

Paloff Press

Horse Stance

Bird Dogs

Stability Ball Roll outs

You are now nearing the end of your surfing exercise routine. Your next step will be to strengthen your shoulders and upper back, as this is key in being able to paddle out strongly and swiftly. Here are some good examples of exercises that can do this are:

Dumbbell Bent Rows

Cable face Pulls

Straight Arm Cable Pull Downs

Suspension Training Triceps Pushes

Shoulder Scarecrows

Rotator Cuff External Rotations

Now, for the final step of your workout! Yes, you are really on the final step. You are probably exhausted, but that is why it is now the perfect time for you to do a little bit of endurance training. Anything that gets your heart beating faster, like running or jumping rope, or even swimming, is perfect for this final stage. Finish up strongly, and try to keep your cardio up for as long as you are able without injuring yourself. That’s it. Combining all of these types of surfing exercises together will give you the perfect workout for better surfing performance.

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