Surfing learning curve

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Surfing Learning Curve

surfing learning curve

Most beginners want to know how steep the surfing learning curve is, how long it takes to learn to surf and how difficult it is to learn to surf.  As with most sports surfing looks easier than it is.  But of course that doesn’t mean the journey of learning to surf and riding that surfing learning curve isn’t a lot of fun.

That are certain things that can help make the the surfing learning curve steeper and save time and frustration.

Surfing Lessons

Surfing lessons are a great introduction to the sport of surfing.  Quality surf lessons with a well experienced instructor will help you develop good habits, teach you about surfing safety, and help you choose the best surfing equipment for beginners.  Surf Cabarete is all about learn to surf vacation packages.  Cabarete’s Playa Encuentro is one of the best hidden gyms in this hemisphere to learn to surf.  Warm water, consistent surf and 6 different breaks that move you up surfing fast bigger waves quicker than any place you’ll find.

Your Fitness Level

The more fit your are the more time you can spend in the surf.  The more time you spend in the surf the faster you will get better at surfing.  When you are not able to surf there are plenty of great exercises that can help you get into surfing shape.  Surf Cabarete offers surf fitness vacations  that will you learn to surf and learn workout routines that will keep your body in surf ready shape, for when you return home.  Being more fit will help make the surfing learning curve steeper and help you be the surfer you want to be faster.

Paddle, Paddle, Paddle!

The fact about surfing is that you will spend more time paddling than you do on the waves.  If you access to a surfboard and go out and paddle around in  any type of water like a lake, river, or even a pool.  Don’t a have a board?  You can always swim.  Swimming is a great all around exercise.  Swimming really helps build muscles and endurance that is necessary for becoming a better surfer fast.

Watch other Surfers

Watching other surfers will help you make the surfing learning curve steeper.  After a surf session when you are chilling at the beach watch how other, better surfers are catching and riding waves.  There are plenty of videos on youtube.  Also, many ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) contest events are live streamed on online.  Netflix even has a variety of surf videos.

We at Surf Cabarete really believe that becoming a good surfer is an obtainable goal.  We specialise in partial-inclusive surf vacation packages that includes personal lessons, accommodation, and a variety of other activities.  We are located in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, “the adventure sport capital of the Caribbean.” Contact us for more information