Where did you surf today?

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Where did you surf today?

It’s a funny question, because most surf spots in the world are known.  At least this is true from the local population.  The waves here in Cabarete are big, the swell is from the north and you will score quality rides, if you got the skill.  If you skill is a little low, well then, you will have a good day of practice.  No worries we have all been defeated sometime by surfing.  If you want it you have to earn it.

I live in Cabarete Dominican Republic.  The world’s kept wave secret.  We have our well know spot in town, Playa Encuentro.  She truly is gem in the surfing world.  Playa Encuentro has great waves form every swell direction depending on which break you surf and the tides.  She has more open spots when the swell is east, but The Left and Coco Pipe, really wake up when the swell comes form the north with a long period.  It hands down one of the best places to learn to surf.

What is nice about Cabarete and where I went to surf today is that there are plenty of options, in a around Cabarete that are a moto taxi ride away.  In fact I have confirmed reports that one break in Encuentro was working, the other popular north swell spot was not quite working, but where I went to surf today was!surf today

Winter Surfing in the Caribbean reminds me why I live and love it here.  I have a feeling if you have read this far then would love it here too.  We at Surf Cabarete offer surf packages that include accommodation, surf lessons, board rental, and transportation to and from the surf.  We also offer a variety of other activities to do when you are not in the surf.  If you are lucky and here during a north swell, then the surf will be just a 300 yard paddle out front of where you stay, if you up to the challenge!